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Welcome to the SEIU Nurses Idea Forum

I am Cindy Richards and I will be your moderator.

How the Nurse Alliance Idea Forum works:

STEP 1: SEIU Nurses share experiences, opinions and ideas.

STEP 2: The key ideas that emerge from our discussion are shaped into a set of findings and recommendations.

STEP 3: A small team of nurses brings these ideas to Washington, DC to share them with key policy makers and our elected representatives. 

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Our Question:

If you were the head of your hospital, clinic or health care organization, what would you do to improve nursing? What would you do to attract new nurses to the profession, keep the dedicated nurses you have and ensure patients get the best care possible now and in the future? 


Bennetta G. In the Nursing Profession we are told to look at our staff/patients/residents holistically and yet when we return to under... More »

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Bringing it All Together

Maribel C. "Nursing is the most trusted profession" is a true statement that can be statistically proven. I constantly use ... More »

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Speak out about the effect of nursing (or lack of) on out patients

Betsy M. I just had to post this. In Scientific American, October 5, 2015 the Article,
"Placebo Effect Grows in U.S., Thwarti... More »

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PHN (public health nurses)

Markeitha H. PHNs desire to have staffing ratios based on acuity. The way we are staffed is based on assigning PHN based on several so... More »

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Bonnie A.

Bonnie A. I joined this yesterday and see a common thread, mentoring and internships. Great ideas have been presented. However I t... More »

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